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Wanting everyone to experience the benefits of glutathione and the cleansing effect of detoxifying, Mr. Leo Ortiz established the 12 in 1 Glutalipo juice, coffee, and milk tea drinks. The products are proven to be safe and effective with its antioxidant properties that help consumers feel better about their body figure and overall health. Other than its detoxifying benefits, Glutalipo is also specifically popular and used by many Filipinos because of its whitening effects that make the skin look fairer and brighter.





Continue enjoying what you love to eat without having to worry. Through natural key ingredients crafted to taste just like your favorite juice, coffee and milk tea, Glutalipo aims to instill the idea that keeping your body healthy and detoxified does not have to be a hassle.


Personally tasting the product and seeing its results is the best way to prove Glutalipo’s effects. Priced at an affordable rate without compromising quality, each Glutalipo drink can easily be tried out by health enthusiasts and weight-conscious individuals to see visible results in as short as 3 months or as little as 6 boxes with proper diet and minimal exercise.


    • Value for Experience: detoxifying has never tasted so good. Enjoy every Glutalipo juice, coffee or milk tea just like any other drink.
    • Value for Worth: Looking good and feeling great does not have to cost a lot.
    • Value for Results: What you see is what you get. Glutalipo’s ingredients will give you visible results in as short as 3 months or as little as 6 boxes with proper diet and minimal exercise.

Results may vary depending on many factors such as body metabolism, genetics, body type and physical activity.



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Contact Numbers : (0926) 082 3187 | (0945) 407 4284 | (0947) 870 2503

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